Switchboard Upgrades

A ceramic fuse upgrade to new switchboards with circuit breakers and safety switches is essential if you have been using the same ceramic fuses for some time. Although ceramic fuses have a much higher breaking capacity than standard fuses, they can be dangerous without regular maintenance.

When it comes to fitting a ceramic fuse upgrade to new switchboards along with circuit breakers and safety switches it is important to bring in the experts, as even if you have a small amount of experience as an electrician, a ceramic fuse upgrade can quickly become overwhelming. This is not the time for DIY, a licensed electrician is strongly recommended.

The main reason for having a ceramic fuse upgrade in your home or business is generally if you live or work in an older building. Wear and tear is reasonably common in these buildings  as the ceramic fuses  start to deteriorate. In addition the constant upgrade in modern day electrical devices has put a huge strain on both residential and commercial wiring systems. Generally speaking it is wise to consider a ceramic fuse upgrade before something more serious happens, as these switchboards maybe not be fitted with modern circuit breakers and safety switches.

If a ceramic fuse upgrade isn’t performed upon certain fuses within your switchboard there is a high chance that the combined age of the fuses, plus the higher levels of power being needed by new devices will result in a short-circuit, which can very quickly result in damaging fires

The best thing about having a ceramic fuse upgrade is that you won’t have to worry about commissioning another ceramic fuse upgrade for many years to come, as your new switchboard will be able to cope with much higher voltages and consumptions of power than the older switchboard ever could. Call Wired by Wyatt for your peace of mind.