Why your home needs working smoke detectors.

There are more than 50 fatalities as a result of preventable house fires in Australia each year.

That’s a shocking statistic. Especially when they could have been prevented with a working smoke detector.
A working smoke detector can help ensure a quick response to the fire emergency, and in many cases, can help save lives and property.

Australian standards regarding smoke detector installation
It has been law since 1997 for all new homes to have at least one smoke detector hardwired into the main power supply. This also applies to existing buildings that have been significantly renovated.
The law was amended in 2009, and now requires that all homes be fitted with a mains-powered smoke detector prior to selling, or when a new tenant moves in to a rental building.

What is a smoke alarm or detector?
Early fire detection is the best way to keep your family and property safe from a fire, and smoke detectors are devices designed to alert the occupants of a dwelling to the presence of smoke. They are usually attached to walls or ceilings. Smoke detectors can be powered by batteries, which need to be changed regularly. Smoke detectors can also be hardwired into the electrical system of your house.

Photoelectric smoke detectors
There are two main types of smoke detectors. Type one is photoelectric and contains a light, and when the light is altered by smoke, an alarm is activated. This type of alarm is usually quicker at detecting smoke originating from a cooler fire, or one that is slowly smoldering.

Ionisation smoke detectors
The second type of smoke detector has an integrated ionisation chamber that contains minute amounts of radioactive material that quickly identify smoke. This type of smoke detector is considered more effective at detecting hotter fires, where flames are present. The amount of radiation emitted by this type of smoke detector is very low, and is not considered to be harmful to health.

Have a family emergency evacuation plan
Installing smoke detectors, whether wired into the mains or battery powered, on every level of your home is one of the best ways to lower the risk of fire. It is also important to have a family emergency evacuation plan. Ensure all family members understand what to do, and how to quickly get out of the house, if they hear a smoke detector beeping.

If you live in the Sydney area, and are thinking about installing a hardwired smoke detector or adding additional smoke detectors to your home, contact the professional at Wired by Wyatt.

We can advise you on the alarms best suited to help protect your property, and ensure they are installed in the most effective places in your home.