Yearly Archives: 2014

Why use Safety Switches

Each year, around 15 people are killed in preventable electrical accidents in Australian homes. Around 20 times that number are hospitalised with severe burns or other injuries. These deaths and injuries can almost certainly be prevented – with the flick of a switch.

Unfortunately, many Australians do not have the protection of safety switches on any of their electrical circuits. Some have protection on just their light and power circuits while very few people have protection on all circuits.

Every day activities such as hammering in a nail for a picture or using an electrical appliance can turn deadly in less time than it takes a heart to beat. You need a safety switch on every circuit to have maximum protection in your home.

Switch Thinking is about balancing the minor cost of installing safety switches against the trauma and devastation of losing someone you love. It’s about ditching the “it will never happen to me” approach, and taking action to protect your family and friends.

Don’t let a tragedy happen in your house. Switch your thinking today.